La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Manon Nivière

Spatial tools development

Coming from a training in Ecology, Biodiversity, Evolution associated with a degree in Geographic Information System, I combine these skills within Pelagis since 2019. I develop tools to optimize the process of management and representation of marine megafauna monitoring data.

My activities mainly concern :
– The development of the pelaSIG plugin, integrated to the Qgis cartography software, made of several tools allowing interaction with the postGreSQL databases of Pelagis, to prepare the data for aerial flyover, to perform geoprocessing or to spatially represent the distribution data of the marine megafauna.
– The administration and database updates in which all the data collected during the aerial flyover campaigns are stored.

Study Engineer in charge of the development of spatial analysis tools
UMS 3462 La Rochelle University-CNRS
Joint Analysis Center