La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Mathilde Huon

Interactions between scavenging seabirds and fishery discards

As a research engineer, my interests are in quantitative ecology. I am particularly interested in intra- and interspecific interactions that influence the behaviour, distribution and habitat selection of top predators. Then, during my PhD, I worked on habitat selection of grey seals and harbours seals in the Northeast Atlantic, from telemetry surveys.

I joined the Observatoire PELAGIS in November 2019 to work on the scavenging seabirds’ part of the DREAM project, which aims to study the fate of fishery discards into the marine ecosystem. My main missions are to carry out quantitative analyses (distribution and consumption modelling) based on data collected on scavenging seabirds in the Bay of Biscay (gulls and northern gannets) during oceanographic surveys and to develop monitoring protocols in order to study certain parameters of their foraging behaviour.

Since 2018, I have also been participating, as an on-board observer, in the collection of data on the distribution of marine megafauna in the Bay of Biscay and English Channel during oceanographic campaigns as part of the MEGASCOPE Programme.

Research Engineer in charge of analyses on interactions between scavenging seabirds and fishery discards
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