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Articles scientifiques de 2002


Bustamante P, Cosson RP, Gallien I, Caurant F, Miramand P. Cadmium detoxification processes in the digestive gland of cephalopods in relation to accumulated cadmium concentrations. Mar. Env. Res. 53 : 227-241

Dabin W, Beauplet G, Guinet C. Response of wild subantarctic Fur Seal (Arctozenus tropicalis) females to Ketamine and Tiletamine-Zolepam anesthesia. J. Wild. Diseases 38 : 846-850

Vincent C, McConnell BJ, Fedak MA, Ridoux V. Assessment of Argos location accuracy from satellite tags deployed on captive grey seals. Mar. Mamm. Sci. 18 : 301-322

Vincent C, Ridoux V, Fedak MA, Hassani S. Mark-recapture and satellite tracking of rehabilitated juvenile grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) : dispersal and potential effect on wild populations. Aquat. Mammals 28 : 121-130