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Articles scientifiques de 2008


Barbraud C, Marteau C, Ridoux V, Delord K, Weimerskirch H. Demographic response of a population of white-chinned petrels Procellaria aequinoctialis to climate and longline fishery bycatch. Journal of Applied Ecology 45(5) : 1460-1467.

Barnes C, Bethea DM, Brodeur RD, Spitz J, Ridoux V, Pusineri C, Chase BC, Hunsicker ME, Juanes F, Conover DO, Kellermann A, Lancaster J, Ménard F, Bard F-X, Munk P, Pinnegar JK, Scharf FS, Rountree RA, Stergiou KI, Sassa C, Sabates A, Jennings S. Predator and prey body sizes in marine food webs. Ecology 89 : 881.

Bustamante P, González AF, Rocha F, Miramand P, Guerra A. Metal and metalloid concentrations in the giant squid Architeuthis dux from Iberian waters. Marine Environmental Research 66(2) : 278-287.

Catry T, Ramos JA, Le Corre M, Kojadinovic J, Bustamante P. The role of stable isotopes and mercury concentrations to describe seabird foraging ecology in tropical environments. Marine Biology 155 : 637-647.

Certain G, Bellier E, Planque B, Bretagnolle V. Characterizing the temporal variability of animal distribution : an application to seabirds at sea. Ecography 30 : 695-708.