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Articles scientifiques de 2011


Aubail A, Teilmann J, Dietz R, Rigét F, Harkonen T, Karlsson O, Rosing-Asvid A, Caurant F. Investigation of mercury concentrations in fur of phocid seals using stable isotopes as tracers of trophic levels and geographical regions. Polar Biology 34:1411-1420.

Certain G, Masse J, Van Canneyt O, Petitgas P, Doremus G, Santos M. B, Ridoux V. Investigating the coupling between small pelagic fish and marine top predators using data collected from ecosystem-based surveys. Marine Ecology Progress Series 422 : 23-29.7.

Chouvelon T, Spitz J, Cherel Y, Caurant F, Sirmel R, Mèndez-Fernandez P, Bustamante P. Species and ontogenic differences in 13C and 15N values and Hg and Cd concentrations of cephalopods. Marine Ecology Progress Series 433 : 107-120.

Jauniaux T, Farnir F, Fontaine M, Kiszka J, Sarlet M, Coignoul F. Cytochrome P450 1A1 expression in cetacean skin biopsies from the Indian Ocean. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62 : 1317–1319.

Kiszka J, Perrin WF, Pusineri C, Ridoux V. What drives island-associated tropical dolphins to form mixed-species associations in the southwest Indian Ocean. Journal of Mammalogy 92(5) : 1105-1111