La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Report an observation

Atlantic Observers

Take part in the marine megafauna census

If you see an animal, report it to us by telephone, cards or e-mail (or by VHF to the semaphores).
> for marine mammals at the PELAGIS Observatory
to 05 46 44 99 10
> for sea turtles and moon fish at the Aquarium La Rochelle – CESTM on 05 46 34 00 00
Any dolphin, whale or seal sighting is an interesting source of information that can help us understand them better.
If this observation seems unusual to you and/or you have a doubt about the identification of the species, do not hesitate to call us and send us photos!

Observation programme

What is it for?

Each observation of these species gives us additional elements to better understand their distribution and biology. Your observations and what we have discovered about marine mammal data in the observation programmes section.

The “Atlantic Observers” programme is a continuation of the Pertuis programme launched in 1996. It targets a larger geographical area, essentially including the Bay of Biscay.