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Our missions

Working for marine birds and mammals conservation

Thanks to naturalist observations at sea, data collection, and biological analyses of birds and marine mammals, PELAGIS provides society with essential information for the protection of biodiversity. Faced with the increase in dolphin strandings on the Atlantic coast, the observatory is in the front line in responding to societal issues.

Policies Support

Through its work of observation and evaluation of the health of the marine ecosystem, Pelagis provides scientific support to public policies for the conservation of marine mammals and birds. It also contributes to the implementation of French obligations in terms of marine megafauna conservation within the framework of the European Union.

Research Support

The long-term monitoring data of the populations and the bank of biological tissue samples constitute an exceptional support for scientific research to answer questions on the ecology and conservation of marine birds and mammals. The developments by our team of software and analysis tools are an asset for the scientific community.

Societal issues

L’augmentation des échouages de dauphins sur les plages de la côte Atlantique interpelle la société civile. Pourquoi ces animaux emblématiThe increase in dolphin strandings on the beaches of the Atlantic coast is a challenge for civil society. Why do these emblematic animals die like this every year? Pelagis, which coordinates the National Stranding Network, is on the front line in providing answers.

Cape gannets taking advantage of the dolphins to dive and eat sardines. Sardine Run, South Africa © Greg Lecoeur