La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)


Analysis tools

Current research and conservation programmes pose challenges for the collection, traceability, storage and analysis of an increasing amount of data. The Pelagis Observatory develops software and analysis tools to meet these challenges.

Strandings Reporting Application

This is a secure interface (login/password) for the entry of stranding sheets by the correspondents of the National Stranding Network (RNE)

SAMMOA Software

SAMMOA is a software dedicated to aerial observation campaigns of marine megafauna. It has been developed by the Pelagis Observatory (University of La Rochelle – CNRS, France) with the technical support of Code Lutin


This application allows the user to predict the distribution of two species of deep-sea diving cetaceans, beaked whales and sperm whales, and to estimate their abundance in an area chosen by the user in order to identify areas where these species are concentrated


Optical system to assist marine megafauna aerial surveys. STORMM is a photographic and numeric tool with an optical system for marine megafauna identification


A Qgis plugin for the preparation, processing and representation of marine megafauna monitoring data.