La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)


Support for public policies

The expertise practised within the framework of the PELAGIS Observatory is mainly a scientific support to public policies for the conservation of marine mammals and birds. To a lesser extent, it is also sometimes an assistance to socio-economic operators in the maritime world.


Satisfy France’s international commitments relating to the conservation of mammal and seabird populations in French waters
Examples :Commission Baleinière Internationale, Accord pour la Conservation des Albatros et des Pétrel

European regulations

Contribute to the implementation of French obligations in terms of the conservation of mammals and seabirds within the framework of the European Union.
Examples : Natura 2000 for sea, DCSMM

Conservation support

Providing scientific support for French policies on the protection of mammals and seabirds
Examples : Protected species approach DEB; protected areas approach MPA

Support to natural areas

Scientific support for managers of natural areas of importance for marine mammals and birds
Examples: NMC Mayotte, NMC Iroise, RN des TAAF, ….

Support for socio-economic actors

Provide scientific support to socio-economic operators for the evaluation and reduction of the effects of their activity on mammal or seabird populations (wind power, toothfish fishing).