La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Audrey Mauchamp

Assistant Engineer in charge of Laboratory Analysis/Biodemography

As a laboratory technician, I joined the team in October 2019 to run the demography laboratory full time. This involves histological analyses with a cryogenic microtome, I now carry out all the preparations of dental tissue taken from marine mammals. The current analyses concern the common dolphin and the harbour porpoise in order to provide the individuals necessary for Etienne Rouby’s thesis work, but also animals for the analyses carried out by the team and for external requests. My future objectives in the laboratory are to learn and participate in the age determination of the individuals by observing the slides under the microscope. But also to carry out gonad histology for the determination of reproductive status. The combination of age structures and reproductive status enables the team’s modelling colleagues to carry out analyses of survival, age at sexual maturity and demography of stranded animals.

Audrey Mauchamp
Laboratory technician