La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Cécile Dars

Keeping an eye on stranding data

I joined the team at PELAGIS Observatory in 2009 during my internships. From that day, I worked with and for the National Stranding Network (Reseau National Echouages, RNE), before joining the team for good in 2015 as a research engineer. My main tasks are to collate, curate and store the data collected on marine mammal strandings by RNE in mainland and oversea France. Other activities include ensuring the quality of the collected data, facilitating its use for reporting and research at the national level, overseeing the collection and banking of data and field samples, and the valorization of results stemming from projects relying on standing data. I also partake in the daily activities of the RNE, carrying out trainings on the standard protocols for monitoring strandings (“carte verte”) for the correspondents of the network. In parallel with my activities related to marine mammal strandings, I am a professional Marine Mammal Observer who regularly board during dedicated campaigns (MEGASCOPE, SAMM, SPEE, SCANS, REMMOA) on planes and boats to observe and survey the marine megafauna on the scale of national sea facades (metropolitan France and overseas), in order to learn more about these species.

Research engineer in charge of collating and quality monitoring of stranding data
+33 (0)5 16 49 67 82