La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Jérôme Spitz


In the stomach of marine predators

My research has always focused on the role of top predators in food webs within marine ecosystems. My research has evolved over time from a descriptive approach to diets toward an exploration of the functional relationships between prey and predators in order to understand marine ecosystems dynamics.
Thus, I have over time used approaches at different scales, from the gene to the ecosystem, and most often in a perspective of biodiversity conservation and sustainable development of marine environments.

My current research issues focus in particular on the assessment of the risks and consequences of the effects of anthropogenic pressures and, more broadly, of the erosion of marine biodiversity on the good ecological status of marine predators and on the sustainability of associated ecosystem services. At the interface between science and public conservation policies, I also support the Ministry in charge of the environment and the French Agency for Biodiversity on issues related to marine mammals.

Research Fellow CNRS- Marine Predators Team – CNRS – CEBC
Co-Director of the Pelagis Observatory – UMS 3462 La Rochelle University
Tel +33 (0)