La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Matthieu Authier

Marine mammals and statistical modelling

I am a quantitative ecologist, with a knack for modelling in a Bayesian framework. My applied work revolves mainly around the estimation of abundance and distribution of marine mammals, preferably using Bayesian methods. I am co-supervising students every year, preferably master-level ones. Prospective students can contact me directly for an internship, but should expect little fieldwork and a lot of deskwork to learn about statistical modelling and computational skills.

I am also interested in both national and international conservation policy: I am co-lead of the OSPAR common indicator M4 (cetacean distibution and abundance), a member of the OSPAR Marine Mammal Expert Group and ICES Working Group on Marine Mammal Ecology, and am in charge of the design and estimation of national MSFD indicators for marine mammals.

Research Engineer
UMS 3462 La Rochelle Université-CNRS / Adera
Tel +33 (0)