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Last articles :

Authier M., Bouchard C., Dars C., Spitz J. (2024) A Risk-Based Forecast of Extreme Mortality Events in Small Cetaceans: Assessing Trends and Changes over Time. Ecological Indicators 160: 111820.

Laran S., Van Canneyt O., Dorémus G., Garrigue C., Berr T., Bourgogne H., Genu M., Spitz J., Ridoux V. (2024) Who lives in the open sea? Distribution and densities of surfacing marine megafauna in three subregions of the South Pacific (New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna, and French Polynesia). Pacific Conservation Biology , -.

Loutrage L., Brind’Amour A., Chouvelon T., Spitz J. (2024) Ontogenetic Shift or Not? Different Foraging Trade‐offs within the Meso‐ to Bathypelagic Fish Community. Ecology and Evolution 14 (3):e11129.

Nivière M., Blanchard A., Jraifi O., Van Canneyt O., Dorémus G., Spitz J., Mansoux B., Panigada S. and Laran S. (2024) PelaSIG, a QGIS plugin for marine megafauna census: application to the aerial ACCOBAMS Survey Initiative dataset. Front. Mar. Sci. 10:1270335. doi: 10.3389/fmars.2023.1270335

Ouzoulias F., Bousquet N., Genu M., Gilles A., Spitz J., Authier M. (2024) Development of a new control rule for managing anthropogenic removals of protected, endangered or threatened species in marine ecosystems. PeerJ 12:e16688.

Rouby E., Authier M., Cam E., Siebert U., Plard F. (2024) Addressing Temporal Trends in Survivorship from Cross-Sectional Sampling Designs: A Modelling Framework with Applications for Megafauna Conservation. Ecological Modelling 490:110647.