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Recent papers :

Receveur A, Allain V, Menard F, Lebourges Dhaussy A, Laran S, Ravache A, Bourgeois K, Vidal E, R. Hare S, Weimerskirch H, Borsa P, Menkes C (2021)Modelling Marine Predator Habitat Using the Abundance of Its Pelagic Prey in the Tropical SouthWestern Pacific Ecosystems

Dabin W, Rochowski B, Daudon M, Ridoux V (2021) Vaginal Calculi in the Eastern North Atlantic Common Dolphins Delphinus Delphis, Induction Mechanisms and Possible Effects on Fecundity
Frontiers in Marine Science, section Marine Megafauna PDF

Peltier, H., Authier, M., Dabin, W., Dars, C., Demaret, F., Doremus, G., Van Canneyt, O., Laran, S., Mendez-Fernandez, P., Spitz, J., Daniel, P., Ridoux, V. (2020) Can modelling the drift of bycaught dolphin stranded carcasses help identify involved fisheries ? An exploratory study. Global Ecology and Conservation. vol. 21. e00843.…

Lambert, C. Authier, M., Dorémus, G., Laran, S., Panigada, S., Spitz, J., Van Canneyt, O., Ridoux, V. (2020) Setting the scene for Mediterranean litterscape management : The first basin-scale quantification and mapping of floating marine debris, Environmental Pollution, Volume 263, Part A, 14430,, ISSN 0269-7491,….