La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Stranding records

Strandings Reporting Application

This is a secure interface (login/password) for the entry of stranding sheets by the correspondents of the National Stranding Network (RNE)

This web application for recording strandings was developed by Bbees (CNRS – MNHN) and the Pelagis Observatory (La Rochelle University – CNRS)

How to use it

The elements are accessible from a dashboard for Editing and archiving the stranding sheets entered with :

An ergonomic and interactive interface: Google MAP map to point out the stranding location, diagram to annotate external examinations, uploading of photographs and dissection report

Follow-up by e-mail of the modifications made by the administrators on the input (continuous training)

Contact the Pelagis Observatory for the connection procedure, access restricted to green card holders