La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Olivier Van Canneyt

In charge of the monitoring systems 

My work consists in designing and implementing protocols to assess indicators of the conservation status of marine megafauna (mainly cetaceans). My function is to articulate between field, scientific development and expertise.
For many years (1990s and 2000s), I supervised the operational coordination of the National Stranding Network. Currently, I’m in charge of its scientific and administrative management: protocols, charter, ministerial decree, steering committee animation, valorization, etc.

For about twenty years, I have also been coordinating programs for the distribution and abundance of marine megafauna through visual observation (boat and plane). I have been able to participate in several European surveys as cruise leader (SCANS and CODA). I also coordinate the implementation of the REMMOA program, whose objective is to monitor marine megafauna in French tropical ultramarine waters. Finally, I have also carried out and promoted many observation programs in mainland France such as MEGASCOPE, SAMM, SPEE, CAPECET,…

For many years, I have also followed up projects related to bycatches, a subject that has become a concern for several years. I also participate in the programs aimed at implementing means to reduce them, as well as in the National Working Group on the issue of small cetacean bycatches.

Ingeener in charge of the monitoring systems conducted by Pelagis Observatory
+33 (0)5 46 44 99 10 / (0)5 46 50 76 68