La Rochelle, France (7 jours/7)

Articles scientifiques 2012

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Aubail A, Dietz R, Rigét F, Sonne C, Wiig Ø, Caurant F (2012) Temporal trend of mercury in polar bears (Ursus maritimus) from Svalbard using teeth as a biomonitoring tissue. Journal of Environmental Monitoring 14(1) : 56-63

Chouvelon T, Spitz J, Caurant F, Mèndez-Fernandez P, Autier J, Lassus-Débat A, Chappuis A, Bustamante P (2012) Enhanced bioaccumulation of mercury in deep-sea fauna from the Bay of Biscay (North-East Atlantic) revealed by stable isotope analysis. Deep-Sea Research Part I 65:113-124

Chouvelon T, Spitz J, Caurant F, Mèndez-Fernandez P, Chappuis A, Laugier F, Le Goff E, Bustamante P (2012) Revisiting the use of δ15N in meso-scale studies of marine food webs by considering spatio-temporal variations in stable isotopic signatures : The case of an open ecosystem : the Bay of Biscay (north-east Atlantic). Progress in Oceanography 101(1) : 95-102

Kiszka J, Simon-Bouhet B, Gastebois C, Pusineri C, Ridoux V (2012) Habitat partitioning and fine scale population structure among insular bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) from a tropical lagoon. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 416-417 : 176-184

Lassalle G, Gascuel D, Le Loc’h F, Lobry J, Pierce GJ, Ridoux V, Santos MB, Spitz J, Niquil N (2012) An ecosystem approach for the assessment of fisheries impacts on marine top-predators : the Bay of Biscay case study. ICES Journal of Marine Science 69(6) : 925-938